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Upcoming Events:

                             Date: Thursday, September 29th
  Time:  5:30 p.m.
Location: Bird Kitchen
                      3801 34th Street
                    Mt. Rainer, MD

Join WBO and fellow women business owners in a poignant discussion of hot topics, challenges, and struggles we are faced with on a constant basis. Participate in the powerful dialogue which will not only shape our series of forward-moving workshops, meetings and events for the 2016/17 season, but also provide a platform for forming a business growth collective.

WBO-PGC 2016/17 Season Kickoff

We hope you attended last month’s Power Conference 2016 and leveraged the great opportunities to connect with other women business owners! WBO-PGC is now heading into our 30th year  this 2016/17 season and we look forward to you joining us in our mission to educate, support and elevate women business owners  in and around Prince George’s County! 
We will kick off our season on Oct. 18th with topic highlights including:  
  • Creating a Consistent Sales Funnel

  • Setting customer expectations

  • Redefining the Ideal Client (No More Wasting Time On the Wrong Prospects)

  • Identifying  and Building the right team for optimal performance and business growth

  • The Right Way to Release an Employee  (Without Negative Repercussions)
  • Time for a Reset:  New Business Venture, New Beginning  
  • Changing Business Structure - When and Why to Do It
  • Knowing When to Delegate 

Stay tuned for registration details and the  opportunity to hear from top business growth experts, collaborate with potential teaming partners and win more business


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